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We Bring The Service To You


After we get in contact we provide initial assessment of the job. Then as required we continue with on site consultation and repair. After hour and weekend service is available at no extra charge.​

For extensive and/or time consuming repair we pickup your equipment and bring it back after fixed.

We work with PC, Macintosh, desktops and laptops. Repair/service. Virus, spyware & malware removal. Home and office network. Installation/setup and configuration. Hardware/software maintenance, Tune up and upgrade. Migration from old to new system.

Motherboard Installation

Let's chat about what you need when you are buying a new computer or installing a new software or configure a system or just have a "how to..." question and we will work with you to find a good solution.


We will analyze and assess the problem you need to solve and will advice on hardware and software options. We can do both remote and on site diagnosis to identify the source for defect or malfunction.


It includes new HW/SW system installation and setup. Operating system upgrade and transferring applications and data files from the decommissioned equipment.


We provide one-time or regular hardware/software maintenance in order to ensure your equipment functions at its best. It includes cleaning the air circulation paths to prevent overheating and clearing useless and corrupt files. System tune up and software upgrades.


We will repair or replace defective hardware items as required. Fix or reinstall corrupt software. Virus and malware removal. If necessary, we will take the equipment into our workshop to perform the repair and will bring it back to you after repaired.


Wired and wireless network setup and configuration. Connecting devices. Data backup.

Internet security setup. Firewall configuration.

Network printing.

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